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dj whiff creates soy wax candles with spotify playlist pairings \ handmade in sunny los angeles, ca.

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friday @ 5pm

sandalwood, bergamot, & jasmine 💅
proven to help you turn off your emails & ease into the weekend


in my feelings

teakwood, amber, & tobacco 🌙
won't judge you if you need to draw a bath and cry it out


lazy sunday

lavender, vanilla & rose 💕
the answer for when netflix asks "are you still watching?"


limited releases & collabs

feeling myself

champagne, starfruit & peonies 💝
for anyone who needs a little more self love in their life


smells like 2005

abercrombie fierce ✨
guaranteed to unearth memories from middle school you forgot you had


it's a love-style \ revival recordings collab

black raspberry & vanilla 🤘
hand curated by alesana's shawn milke and his wife naima for maximum rock n' roll vibes


the candles smell amazing & ship so fast! 10/10 would recommend - the playlists are also bomb!

lauren, purchased jan 2021

such a clever and innovative idea! bought as a gift for my 15 y/o sister and she LOVED it! said the playlist looked great too - high praise!

alison, purchased dec 2020

candle is so cute and the playlist element just makes it so much more special!

lexi, purchased nov 2020